title Hi-Fructose Magazine feature on Iva Troj: "Iva Troj's paintings break the mold of Renaissance style beauty".
"Though Iva Troj’s paintings share the sensibility and feminine grace present in Renaissance era art, her work is informed by her modern point of view. Growing up in the outskirts of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the now UK-based artist was faced early on with male dominance in a communist country. She often expresses admiration for women artists like Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi, whose mere existence was seen as problematic, while men at the time were painting women to look like dolls."
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Solo and Group Exhibitions:
RANDOM ART GALLERY // Contemporary Beast Exhibit - 22/7-23/8 2016

We are having fun with the world of elitist fine art at Random Art Gallery in Brighton. We still stumble upon galleries, both municipal and commercial, who deploy an elitist approach to the very people they should be reaching out to. We are having none of that :) "Contemporary Beast" website.

Contemporary Beast Show

DYNAMITE GALLERY // Solo exhibit - 15/4-15/5 2016
New and exclusive for Dynamite Gallery solo exhibit collaborative series featuring a number of artists from London and Brighton, Justyna Neryng, Cassette Lord, Greg Gilbert, Seiko Kato and Alberto Martinez among others. Visit the site: Fed The Lions Exhibit.

IVY ARTS // Group Expo - March 2016


title Contemporary Art Excellence Artist of the Year 2016. Featured on the cover of “Contemporary Art of Excellence" Book 2016 Vol II: Contemporary Art Excellence 2016

First ever opportunity to see the new collaborative series, exclusive for DYNAMITE GALLERY April/May 2016

The BICHARD.TROJ collaboration.

BichardTroj are an artist duo that explore the nature of sexuality, storytelling and the art historical nude through the filters of contemporary culture. By combining their original work, video game tropes, folktales, and questioning gender roles, the duo create unformed stories: fragments of an evoked world that questions our understanding of the narrative nude in art and contemporary culture. The works collide Bichard’s photographic portraits with Troj’s neo-classical paintings as elements in a questioning collaborative exchange.